Tips for Creating #Flipclass Videos with @Explainevrythng’s @ReshanRichards & @Wacom’s Faik Karaoglu + An Exclusive Offer for Educators 🚨

I had the honor of joining Reshan Richards, CEO & co-founder of Explain Everything and Faik Karaoglu, Executive Vice President Branded Business at Wacom for a webinar focused on tips for creating effective flipped classroom videos.

We start off with a convo — what inspired us to start making videos, our advice, strategies we would share with others looking to get started making explainer videos — and then dive into a demo.

I start off, showing how I use Explain Everything on the web with my Wacom One, including:

  • my process for making videos — start with Google Slides / PowerPoint to lay out the structure, export as PDF, and import — by slide — into Explain Everything
  • some tips to keep in mind when recording
  • advantages of recording by slide — ability to re-record a “take” if you make a mistake OR if, after students watch the video, you decide that you need to clarify a slide (re-record) or give an additional example (insert slide)
  • preview of the editor — tips for using the Wacom pen for video editing

Reshan then does a live demo using a One by Wacom tablet to show:

  • how he sets the scene for a lesson
  • using Explain Everything as an infinite whiteboard with zoom & pan to focus the viewer during recording
  • strategies for recording with voice or doing a voice-over after-the-fact
  • using the cutout tool in Explain Everything to grab an image or example from a worksheet to then mark up

Catch the full webinar here:

One thought on “Tips for Creating #Flipclass Videos with @Explainevrythng’s @ReshanRichards & @Wacom’s Faik Karaoglu + An Exclusive Offer for Educators 🚨

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