Posted in January 2013

Viewing/Printing Individual Student Grade Reports in Haiku #LMS @haikulearning #edchat

We’re coming up on parent/teacher conferences, and it’s really handy to have individual student grade reports at hand. Our school is using Haiku LMS for pretty much everything this year, including to manage grades. But accessing individual student reports isn’t immediately obvious in Haiku, so I’ve outlined my process: To view/print individual student grade reports … Continue reading

Text 2 Mind Map #edchat

Just trying to organize some thoughts on tools I’ve been playing with here… As a very visual person, I really like mind maps as a way to organize my thoughts / notes. I’ve always found it difficult to absorb text written in paragraphs and sentences. I need bullet points, arrows, boxes, and highlights. Text2MindMap looks like … Continue reading