Posted in April 2014

Mindset & the Hidden Workings of Our Mind that Affect Student (and Our) Achievement & Success -David Ghoogasian #AIMS

AIMS Teachers Retreat 2014 Opening Keynote – Session Notes (discussion) Take a look at the title and discuss, at your tables, what you think I’m going to be talking about Whodunnit Video: How many of you saw a change in the scene? And how many changes did you see? There were 21 changes, and … Continue reading

#edcampMetroDC 2014 Wrap Up @edcampMetroDC #edcamp

Thanks to a wonderful group of participants for making edcampMetroDC a wonderful day of learning. The passionate, enthusiastic teachers and learners who come out to edcamps keep me inspired and hopeful that education is constantly changing for the better. A huge thank you to the wonderful Steering Committee that I was a part of: Chip … Continue reading