Posted in January 2015

My Presentation Resources for #FETC: Dig Deeper in the Humanities with Next Generation Tools ft @PowToon @EDpuzzle @Buncee

Session description: How can we better help students capture an abstract concept in the humanities? Often we teach abstract skills, whether it be an understanding of tone, mood or symbolism, through writing and discussion, but how can we create a deeper understanding for students? And how can we make this a more creative process? Simple … Continue reading

How to Preserve Full Screen Option when Embedding Videos in @haikulearning @TechSmithEDU @TechSmithHelp

If you use Haiku LMS to embed you videos, you may have noticed that there is no option to go fullscreen. (Haiku strips a piece of the code, which disables the full screen option.) But there is a solution! The embed code generated by will look like this: iframe class=”tscplayer_inline embeddedObject” name=”tsc_player” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ … Continue reading