Posted in July 2015

Neuroscience & Class Engagement: Strategies to Max Std Attention, Focus & Potential w @judywillis @learningandtheb

I had the opportunity to spend the week out at UCSB for a Learning and the Brain conference presented by Dr. Judy Willis entitled “Neuroscience and Classroom Engagement: Strategies for Maximizing Students’ Attention, Focus and Potential.” The Program Schedule Below you will find links to my full storified notes for each of the 5 (half day) … Continue reading

Human Geography Final Project Integrating @ThingLink @Weebly @Buncee to Help Students Demonstrate Learning #edtech

I wanted to share a writeup of a final project that I had the opportunity to work with our Human Geography teachers on. Tech tools integrated into this project include ThingLink, Weebly, and Buncee. Ninth grade Human Geography students spent the last month of the school year analyzing how megacities (10+ million people) are transforming … Continue reading