Student Created Videos – Grading Rubric #flipclass #edchat

Something that I talked to some of my #flipclass buddies about last year was creating a grading rubric for student-created videos. This is something I feel kind of conflicted about, however. Let me explain… I think that the student-created videos can be a powerful assessment tool. On the other hand, I really want the video-making to feel like play – to be a creative opportunity for my students to show off what they know and understand. And for that reason, I kind of hate having rigid guidelines or to even make it a graded activity. But I suppose if I had an effective grading rubric, the “grading” wouldn’t feel so rigid. So maybe this is something we can all collaborate on…

I started a google doc so that we can talk about a rubric for student-created videos. All I’ve put in right now were some initial bullet points that I’ve posted for my students in the past. I have made some rubrics in the past, which I may include. But I wanted to start with this document and let the ideas flow from there. Please contribute and pass along!

2 thoughts on “Student Created Videos – Grading Rubric #flipclass #edchat

    • I’ve preferred a less structured rubric, something like: (5 points total)
      accuracy: problem is solved correctly (2 pts)
      clarity: detailed explanation of how you get from 1 step to the next (in words and equations) (1 pt)
      images: use of relevant graph or background image (use Desmos and save as picture) (1 pt)
      organization: neat / no typos / well verbalized / clear (1 pt)
      I feel this gives some structure without being too defined of a rubric where they almost use it as a checklist. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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