Posted in March 2013

#WIPTTE13 Keynote Day 3 – CogSketch: Using human-like sketch understanding to help students learn Ken Forbus

CogSketch: Demo of CogSketch: Ken Forbus: Sketching is a form of communication, an aid to thinking (and a way of communication with yourself) Intelligent tutoring systems – immediate feedback through software But not in spatially rich STEM subjects because need sketch understanding software One of the key predictors of success in STEM – spacial ability; … Continue reading

#WIPTTE13 Keynote: Andy van Dam – Pen and Touch Computing: From Research to Resource #edchat

Ivan Sutherland’s Sketchpad: one of the most influential programs in the history of graphical user interfaces – One generation does not make the previous generations work obsolete, it augments it. We need to make the interaction between human’s and computers smarter What is the ultimate user interface? It must feel good. Ask a violinist … Continue reading

Opening Keynote: The Fractured Frontier of Reading, Writing, and E-Creation Ken Hinckley (@ken_hinckley) #WIPTTE13 #edchat #flipclass

Our focus should be pen AND touch, not pen OR touch Let’s not forget about the importance of pen Active reading: writing, sketching, doodling, attaching things with sticky-notes Reading content and repurposing it into your workflow Reading is not a pure consumption activity The pen is a tool that expresses and amplifies thought Crowd sourcing … Continue reading