Posted in April 2012

Observing Students #flipclass #edchat

I have talked to a couple of people about how I used videos in my Algebra 1 class to OBSERVE students, particularly to see how they take notes and process material. In my 9th grade Algebra 1 class, I had a wide range of learning needs in the classroom. Students had a variety of learning accommodations and it … Continue reading

Flippin’ Awesomeness featuring @jonbergmann @chemicalsams @bennettscience @flippedschool @ramusallam #flipclass #edchat

Changing the dynamics of the classroom: Jonathan Bergmann (@jonbergmann) doing some amazing work with spreading the word and leading teacher training on how shaking up the traditional classroom dynamic can enhance the in-class experience: Washington Post Article by Valerie Strauss – Interviewing Jonathan Bergmann and featuring Aaron Sams Launch of Flipped Learning Network (reach out to Jonathan Bergmann for more … Continue reading

I really like @Storify! #edchat #storify

You may have noticed my recent fascination with Storify :) I wanted to take a moment to reflect and explain my interest… In observing some powerful, genuinely speakers over the last month or two, I’ve noticed a common theme: the power of good storytelling. As my PLN continues to grow, I’ve thought a lot about … Continue reading