Posted in January 2014

#FETC Keynote #3: Chris Lehmann – Leading, Learning and the Modern School @chrislehmann

Keynote #3: Leading, Learning and the Modern School Chris Lehmann – Session Notes   Tchrs job isn’t to create workforce. Must create citizens They need to be better, smarter than us to solve probs of tom ~@chrislehmann #FETC — Stacey Roshan (@buddyxo) January 31, 2014 We teach kids, not subjects: "I teach students math, not … Continue reading

#edcampHOME SLAM: Video of Resources Shared #edchat

I always learn so much through edcamp slams / smackdowns. #edcampHOME’s smackdown featured 7 tools, as demonstrated in the video below. I have edited the presentation and included links to the tools shared and people who shared them (the callout boxes are hyperlinks). The video includes a table of contents for quick navigation (see button next … Continue reading

My #edcampHOME Experience!

Just wrapped up edcampHOME 2.0 – and let me say, it was truly an exhilarating experience. I’m still in awe of all the amazing behind-the-scenes organization and automatization of setup! @coachk mentioned that she’d be sharing a detailed post about the setup soon, so I’ll look forward to that. If you weren’t able to attend and want … Continue reading