Posted in November 2017

Using #EdTech to Enhance Creative Learning, f/t in @InnovateMySchl @EDpuzzle @Flipgrid @SlackHQ

Using #EdTech to Enhance Creative Learning, f/t in @InnovateMySchl @EDpuzzle @Flipgrid @SlackHQ

I am excited to share a post that I had a chance to write as part of Innovate My School’s Accelerating Creativity series! I am entering into my 11th year teaching. Looking back on my journey, it is clear to me that my fascination with technology and its role in the classroom has been the most … Continue reading

Documenting Growth & Reflecting on Connections in #APCalculus Using @SutoriApp + @Flipgrid + @SocraticOrg

Since the start of the year, my AP Calculus students have been documenting growth, reflecting on new connections formed, and talking through learning strategies that have been working for them through Flipgrid reflections, corrections to homework, and in creating self-made study guides. In the second trimester, we will formalize these activities, with a final project … Continue reading

#EdSurgeFusion Day 2 – AI, AR,VR: Creative Future or Chaos & Implementing #PersonalizedLearning @Edsurge

Day 2 of the EdSurge Fusion conference started with: #VR is allowing us to democratize experiential learning ~@benedictions #EdSurgeFusion #GoogleExpeditions — Stacey Roshan (@buddyxo) November 2, 2017 As we continue these conversations about VR/AR/AI, it’s vital that we talk about how to grow an empathetic community/culture #edsurgefusion — Stacey Roshan (@buddyxo) November 2, 2017 A … Continue reading