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Day #3 #BLC13 Keynote: TED Talk Format Featuring @kathycassidy @tombarrett @CTuckerEnglish @courosa

Day #3 #BLC13 Keynote: TED Talk Format Featuring @kathycassidy @tombarrett @CTuckerEnglish @courosa   Stacey Roshan@buddyxo Day #3 #BLC13 Keynote: TED talk format featuring @kathycassidy @tombarrett @CTuckerEnglish @courosa Fri, Jul 26 2013 05:45:07 ReplyRetweetFavorite   LindsayTBellino@oleLindsayBell Excited to close out #blc13 with @tombarrett, @CTuckerEnglish, @kathycassidy & @courosa and session with @ewanmcintosh #brainsoak Fri, Jul 26 2013 … Continue reading

David Weinberger (@dweinberger): Keynote #2 @ #BLC13

David Weinberger (@dweinberger): Keynote #2 @ #BLC13 Stacey Roshan@buddyxo “Why hasn’t technology changed education?” … “But it has transformed learning.” ~@dweinberger #BLC13 Thu, Jul 25 2013 05:54:05 ReplyRetweetFavorite   Stacey Roshan@buddyxo “In the west, we have assumed that knowledge is filtered.” ~@dweinberger #BLC13 Thu, Jul 25 2013 05:56:55 ReplyRetweetFavorite   Stacey Roshan@buddyxo If people are … Continue reading

#BLC13 Presentation

A compilation of slides used for my presentations at the Building Learning Communities Conference: – Slides, slides, and more slides… – My Back-To-School-Night #FlipClass Welcome Video – Sample video with interactive quizzing & hotspots (created using Camtasia Studio)   Session descriptions can be found below: – Learning Should Feel Like Play. Reducing Student Anxiety Levels Through the Flipped … Continue reading

Yong Zhao (@YongZhaoUO): Keynote #1 @ #BLC13

Yong Zhao (@YongZhaoUO): Keynote #1 @ #BLC13 Yong Zhao sketchnotes part 1 #BLC13 Brad Ovenell-Carter@Braddo · Wed, Jul 24 2013 06:15:22 ReplyRetweetFavorite   MT @eSN_Dennis @c_durley #edtech‘s like a GPS: unless u know where u want to go, tech does no good #BLC13 @YongZhaoUO Stacey Roshan@buddyxo · Wed, Jul 24 2013 05:57:20 ReplyRetweetFavorite … Continue reading

Blink. @danklumper, sending healing power

Last summer, I got an email from a very passionate, curious educator. Dan Klumper is a 6th grade social studies teacher (the work that he has done with student blogging was featured on freetech4teachers). Dan’s curiosity, persistence and drive to make positive change at his school really stuck out. Last week, I read that his … Continue reading

Unplug to Recharge!

Being connected is electrifying and empowering. I am absolutely addicted to learning, reading, and growing. My brain is constant on and thinking. I rarely feel bored, or perhaps I rarely allow myself the opportunity to feel bored. But there comes a point where all this connectedness, all of this constant forward motion, becomes mentally wearing. … Continue reading