Posted in October 2018

Embracing Technology — Using #EdTech to Plan Student-Driven Classes and Set the Stage for Progress & Discovery @PearDeck @Flipgrid @Edpuzzle

I had the opportunity to talk about how I work with the teachers at my school to not simply integrate technology into the classroom, but to help transform the classroom environment to one where students are at the center and actively engaging with and participating in their learning. I wanted to share that article here. … Continue reading

Using the @Wacom #BambooSlate to Create a Screencast – Inking On a Worksheet & Editing with @Camtasia #edtech @TechSmith @TechSmithEDU

I have written in the past about using Wacom’s Bamboo Slate to literally go from notepad to computer & classroom projector, wirelessly: From Notepad to Computer Screen: Projecting Handwritten Work in Real-Time w/out a Tablet PC – Using Wacom’s Bamboo Slate Using Wacom’s Bamboo Slate, Zoom, & Slack to Teach Online Video: Take A Look Inside … Continue reading