Posted in December 2013

Expressing Gratitude! A True #flipclass Success

This is a guest post from a student who I’ve “taught”, but never met! Damon is a freshman at the University of South Carolina (Columbia Campus) majoring in mechanical engineering who has been using my AP Calculus videos to help him succeed in his college Calculus course. In November, I got a thank you letter … Continue reading

Professional Development w @DTWillingham – “Why Don’t Students Like School?” #edchat

Stacey Roshan@buddyxo Professional Development to kickstart the 2nd trimester w@DTWillingham (follow-up to our summer reading “Why Don’t Students Like School?” Books Click here to order Print reviews Web Reviews Radio, TV, podcasts DANIELWILLINGHAM Stacey Roshan@buddyxo “There is ambiguity in sentences all over the place” ~@DTWillingham How do we connect info/sentences? How do we help our students interpret? … Continue reading