#WIPTTE13 Keynote Day 3 – CogSketch: Using human-like sketch understanding to help students learn Ken Forbus

CogSketch: http://www.qrg.northwestern.edu/software/cogsketch/index.html
Demo of CogSketch: http://videolectures.net/ijcai09_lockwood_csodsure/
Ken Forbus: http://www.cs.northwestern.edu/~forbus/

Sketching is a form of communication, an aid to thinking (and a way of communication with yourself)
Intelligent tutoring systems – immediate feedback through software
But not in spatially rich STEM subjects because need sketch understanding software
One of the key predictors of success in STEM – spacial ability; instant feedback

CogSketch Goal: modeling human spacial reasoning and learning; cognitive simulations provide new insights into human processing
CogSketch Goal: platform for sketch-based intelligent educational software; focus on helping students learn STEM concepts
We need software that understands sketches as people do
Many STEM domains involve spatial entities
Observation: people talk when sketching; verbally identify what they’re drawing since a sketch is often times messy
Cogsketch allows you to draw something, and then IDENTIFY it (label it)
Important: simulating human visual problem solving
Measuring sketch anxiety – doing just ONE homework activity lessened this for students
Problem: sketching is a valuable way of learning special relationships, however it does not yield immediate feedback for students

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