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Tapping Passion & Reflection for Learning: The Vlogger w @amyburvall at #BLC14

Tapping Passion & Reflection for Learning: The Vlogger w @amyburvall at #BLC14 — Stacey Roshan (@buddyxo) July 16, 2014 Reasons why students should #vlog #BLC14 #ade2014 — Amy Burvall (@amyburvall) July 16, 2014 Why should students vlog? Gives real insight into the student. @amyburvall has us looking at student’s body language in example … Continue reading

Beyond Googling: Building the Conditions for Structured Inquiry w @chrislehmann & @aseldow #blcinquiry #BLC14

#BLC14 #blcinquiry I think “letting go is control” is the wrong language. Inquiry=grad’l release of respnsblty » a shift in responsibilty… — Darren Kuropatwa (@dkuropatwa) July 16, 2014 “Dare kids to think stuff and care that they do” ~@chrislehmann #blcinquiry #BLC14 — Stacey Roshan (@buddyxo) July 16, 2014 5 core values @ SLA: inquiry, research, … Continue reading

Flipping Feedback w @agudteach at #BLC14 #flipclass

Student ownership in @agudteach‘s English #flipclass – students are asked to self report & track their grades (using Google Docs) #BLC14 — Stacey Roshan (@buddyxo) July 16, 2014 Flipped feedback #1 – 5 mins: @agudteach is a “commenter” on students’ writing (not an editor); has a convo w stdnt abt their writing #BLC14 — Stacey … Continue reading

AP Annual Conference Presentation – My Slides & Resources #edchat #flipclass #AP_Conf #apcalc

Below you will find slides and videos shared during my presentation at the 2014 AP Annual Conference. Session Title: Reducing Student Anxiety While Increasing Student Performance and Satisfaction Using the Flipped Classroom Model in AP Calculus AB Date & Time:  Friday, July 11, 10:45am-Noon Session location: Pennsylvania Convention Center Room: 119B   Presentation Slides Relevant Videos Shared A Welcome to … Continue reading