Office Mix: A Tech Tool and Teacher’s Aide #flipclass #edchat #edtech

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Guest post by Stacey Roshan, Maryland Teacher: Office Mix: A Tech Tool and Teacher’s Aide

ISTE 2014 has just wrapped up and I’m inspired by the enthusiasm of my fellow educators to embrace new tools that offer innovative ways to connect with and teach our students. This year, I had the opportunity to present in a session with Microsoft and meet with colleagues to share my experience with Office Mix and the potential I see for its use in the classroom. Office Mix is a tool that meets a real need – and I think flipped and blended classroom teachers will be particularly excited to get a peek into its capabilities. But as educators, we all know that a tool is only a tool until it becomes part of a solution, so I wanted to start with some background and to talk about how I see Office Mix addressing some of my teaching goals and challenges.

For me, it started with a problem that I saw in teaching my AP Calculus AB course. I had a packed AP curriculum to get through and lecture was taking up too much class time. I didn’t feel like my classroom environment was the curious, inspiring space I had envisioned it would be and I simply did not have the time to address student’s needs as individuals. I needed to find a way to get back to creating a calm and excited classroom environment despite the packed curriculum.

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Here is the first mix I created: Rational Exponents – An Introduction

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