Digital Differentiation w Google Apps w @ShakeUpLearning #FETC

In the 21st Century Classroom, it can be difficult to design learning experiences that both incorporate student choice and differentiation for learning levels and styles. This session will show you how to make that happen with student choice menus created in Google Apps, creating a paperless classroom where the students take ownership of their learning. This session will show you how to create student choice menus using Google Apps, creating a digitally differentiated classroom where the students own the learning. The activities that participants will complete during the session will specifically model ways that students can communicate and collaborate. Teachers will learn specific strategies for facilitating and creating and designing student-driven learning experiences. Participants will walk away with strategies for differentiation and student choice using menus and Google Apps. Participants will learn how to turn menus into webpages and use Google Apps to go paperless while giving students voice and choice in their learning. Participants will also see multiple examples of menus and ideas for differentiation.

Full slides from presentation

My full notes storified here.

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