Using the @Wacom #BambooSlate to Create a Screencast – Inking On a Worksheet & Editing with @Camtasia #edtech @TechSmith @TechSmithEDU

I have written in the past about using Wacom’s Bamboo Slate to literally go from notepad to computer & classroom projector, wirelessly:

Since these posts, I’ve received a lot of messages from educators asking how to ink on top of a worksheet using the Bamboo Slate. Unfortunately, the Bamboo Slate is not made for this purpose. But after some trial and error, here is a “solution” I’ve come up with. It’s not a one-step process. But if you’re already editing in Camtasia (like I do) or a similar program, you may enjoy seeing what I’ve come up with so far —

There is something I love about writing pen to paper, which keeps me coming back to my Bamboo Slate as a favorite. And at under $150 for a tool that can easily be used as a wireless handwriting solution in the classroom, it’s more affordable than a lot of other options on the market. Not to mention the fact that it’s a great tool for taking notes, writing up solutions to problem sets, etc. Within the Inkspace app (where your digitized notes are automatically stored), not only can you search your handwritten notes, but you can also convert handwriting to text. It works fantastically well, in my experience. Recently, I’ve been trying to get away from my computer and do some distraction-free handwriting. With the click of a button, I can convert what I write on my Bamboo Slate into typed text without any extra steps. Perhaps more on that process in a future post…

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