Exciting Articles! #flipclass @TheDailyRiff @usnews

It was an exciting week! I have been asked a lot about how my students did this year, after “flipping” my class, compared with the past. I have always responded that the students were happy, I was happy, and it alleviated the anxiety, which was my aim… And there were various other pleasant “side effects” from the experience. But people always want “data”! Unfortunately, I have only just began teaching, so I don’t have much “past data” to compare to. And this was my first year teaching via video lectures, and I had a tiny class, so I really don’t have much “present data”. But I can report my observations and the numbers that I do have… so I did. And two articles came out on Thursday:

Many people have also asked me if I have changed the class dynamic in all of my classes. My answer is no and I don’t ever plan to. As I said in the article: Ultimately, in teaching, there is no one size fits all.  You, as a teacher, must do what is best for YOUR set of students.  Personally, after the 2009-10 academic year, I asked myself what I wished was different about my classroom and then thought about how technology could help make it better.  That is what the flip was all about for me. 

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