Just Got an iPad! #ipaded

I just got an iPad!  Excited would be an understatement!!  I will have a class set next year, so I really am looking into apps that will be necessary to make everything work well next year.  My goal in looking for apps at this point would be more “productivity” apps, at least for the moment.  I want to use the iPads to make a greener classroom, so I want to be able to do things such as: seamlessly share notes with students and allow them to mark them up, allow them to take notes which will sync to their dropbox account, have them take quick multiple choice type quizzes, etc.  I will develop my thoughts in better detail in a future post.

I have started jotting down my notes of some apps in a Google Doc.  Please feel free to add to it if you have thoughts…  And feedback would be much appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Just Got an iPad! #ipaded

  1. Hey Stacey!

    One App that I really like is Wunderlist from http://www.6wunderkinder.com/

    It’s a very clean and effective to-do sort of app to keep you organized throughout the day if you need that. It also:
    – syncs between all of you devices
    -can be shared with others (so maybe you could create lists for your students and they would be able to access them from any computer/device at home)
    -and its free!
    I hope that helps :) I’ll send you some more ideas if I think of them.

  2. Thanks so much, Krista! I have Wunderlist and like it a lot. But I always end up using GoTasks, since I like using Tasks in Gmail. I have GoTasks + CalenGoo + my google calendar to sync things up with my computer, phone, and iPad right now. But Wunderlist has more features and they keep adding! Please let me know if you think of anything else!

  3. Hey Stacy!

    While it’s not an app… I’ve found that the Khan Academy website works great on my iPad! I’ve been using the “practice” features personally for a few weeks and have turned a couple of my math education friends onto the site as well. I know what you’re teaching is some pretty high level stuff, but there might be something there that works for you or your students!

    Oh… and I use the “Attendance” app in my class. Not too expensive but really quick and powerful when it comes to keeping track of my students.

    I’m looking into “Voceri” as well. I like the idea that I can control my smartboard from anywhere in the room…

    Good luck!

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