Design Thinking with @ewanmcintosh #blc11

My first pre-conference at BLC. Design Thinking: Genuine Epic-Scale Problem-Based Learning from Whole-School Planning, to Supporting and Measuring by Ewan McIntosh.

Learned a lot and had a ton of fun. A lot of time was spent scribbling on post-it notes, but here are the notes that I jotted down.

A big part of my work this morning was analyzing “How might we challenge students to take risks?”

2 thoughts on “Design Thinking with @ewanmcintosh #blc11

  1. Thanks for sharing those resources. Have SO much to look through :) Lots to think about… I will be doing more with the stickies next year, both online (virtually) and on the classroom wall. I loved that! Look forward to seeing what you put together!

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