Opening Keynote with Dr. Eric Mazur #blc11

The tyranny of lectures!
Started with
1. Think of something you are really good at — something you know you do well (and preferably something that has been important in your career). Describe that skill or quality in a few words.
2. Now describe in a couple of words how you became good at whatever it is you entered in the previous question.

  • What happens in a lecture? Does anyone learn from lecture?
    • The lecture focuses on information transfer. Is that all education is about?
    • Lack of retention
    • Father Guido Sarducci’s Five Minute University:
    • Failure of education: if you’re unable to take what you’ve learned and apply it in a different context.
    • Assimilation of that information is being left for the student to do on their own at home. Most of the aha moments happen outside of the classroom.
  • 20 years ago, Eric Mazur turned this model upside down.
    • Teach by questioning and peer instruction.
    • Give students question, give them time to think, then poll them. Turn to a neighbor who has a different answer and convince him/her that you are right.
    • Ideal situation: 30% right, 70% wrong
  • “It is not the technology its the pedagogy, technology affords a new mode of learning”
  • Clickers
    • How do you create a good question? How do you create a good multiple choice question? How do you think like a beginner and create good distracter choices?
  • 1. Education is not about lecturing
  • 2. We can move way beyond the current technology and use it to manage things as they happen.

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