Creating iPhone and iPad Apps in the Classroom (@dkiang) #blc11

Creating iPhone and iPad Apps in the Classroom
Speakers Douglas Kiang

  • needed something to do after the AP exam
  • Challenge: can we switch from Java to Objective C?
    • they are both object oriented, but…
  • Challenge-based learning:
  • Challenge: Create an iPhone app that will be useful to our school community; it should be something that you yourself would use (you can create something that has already been made, but you have to improve upon it so that you yourslef would make the switch)
    • how do you present this challenge?
    • Questions that came up: branding, can we charge, dining services menu, campus-wide survey, meeting with communication
    • they came up with: an electronic schedule and task maager, designed to be useful to the Punahou community (tasks, schedule, extras)
      • step 1: send out a survey to school asking for what students want
        • extras options: equations, converter, periodic table, offices
      • can upload schedule and compare with friends to see if you have similar free periods
  • Flipped the classroom
  • Sample prompts
    • talk about a point where you got stuck. how did you get unstuck?
    • what has been the most challenging aspect of this course for you so far?
    • talk about one thing that you
  • QuickTime Screen Recorder:
  • Create your own forum
    • kids can get help and give help
  • Apple apps are 50% design, 50% coding
  • iOS Developer Program (individual membership that he shared with students)
    • xcode
  • Alternative to coding:

Douglas Kiang – Welcome to iOS Apps for Learning, at BLC 2011!
GoSkyWatch and Sky Walk are the two augmented reality astronomy apps we mentioned.
Apple in Education (website); iPad.iPads;; tiny
StoryBuddy is another great app so kids can write books, & then publish them to iBooks
AppShopper – free – linked through AppStore – tells you when prices drop
AppAdvice – free (web) tells you which apps are free
Appstart for iPad – free-
xperica – science
Screen Chomp – free – records someone solving a math problem & can be shared for review later

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