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Creating iPhone and iPad Apps in the Classroom (@dkiang) #blc11

Creating iPhone and iPad Apps in the Classroom Speakers Douglas Kiang needed something to do after the AP exam Challenge: can we switch from Java to Objective C? they are both object oriented, but… Challenge-based learning: Challenge: Create an iPhone app that will be useful to our school community; it should be something that … Continue reading

Comp Sci

Worked a lot on computers today.  Did a couple hours working through Java material.  Also, have been doing reading on App Inventor in my spare time.  Came across this site today with lots of good stuff:

NCSSSMST STEM Summer Institute – Day 1

Summer Institute Flyer Day 1 The conference is being led by Heather Sondel, Assistant Principal of Thomas Jefferson.  She talked a bit about TJ and STEM in general.  She left us with the question of the day – “what is STEM, anyway?”.  She then asked us to get in groups with other teachers from our … Continue reading

App Inventor Thoughts

I played around with App Inventor in my programming class last year, but just as a trial.  David Wolber made everything that I did possible!  I would highly recommend checking out his site.  I have purchased his book off of Amazon and can’t wait to get started with it. My plans with using App Inventor … Continue reading