Dr. Stephen Wolfram Keynote (@stephen_wolfram) #blc11

Wrap Up and Keynote with Dr. Stephen Wolfram

The geek in me so enjoyed this keynote :) Hard to really describe any of this stuff in notes…

  • Mathematica
    • starting to be used in K-12 world more
    • code is fairly simple and easy to learn
      • people fear the rules that need to be learned for mathatica; they really aren’t that difficult
    • high level language with minimal typing required
    • now there is even a “plain english” ability (that will be interpreted into code and displayed)
    • cdf – computable document format
    • Interactive demonstrations to be used free: http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/
    • neat info stored in mathematic ie: shapes of countries in Europe
    • looking at patterns
  • Math != calculating!

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