Podstemic: Changing the Face of STEM Curriculum with Mobile Devices w @cre8tivmind #blc11

Podstemic: Changing the Face of STEM Curriculum with Mobile Devices
Speakers Cathleen RichardsonCathleen Richardon website: http://cathleenrichardson.com/
Blog: http://cre8tivmind.com/
Podstemic: http://podstemic.com/
Bookmarks: http://www.delicious.com/cre8tivmind
Slideshare: http://slideshare.net/cre8tivmind
YouTube: http://youtube.com/cathleenrichardson
Google: http://www.google.com/profiles/thecathleenrichardson
Websites: http://cre8tiveduservices.com, http://cre8tivmind.com, http://cathleenrichardson.com, http://podstemic.com

  • Research and Money Sources
    • President: educate to innovate
    • Change the equation: http://www.changetheequation.org/
    • MacArthur Foundation – give money for ideas; look here, great source!
    • be the future
    • Grow up great program via Sesame Street
    • National Lab Day – brings hands-on activities into your area
    • Whitepapers: nasa, always connected, learning: is there an app for that?, the iTot generation
    • National stem video game challenge
    • ARPA Ed: Winning the education future ← source on money
  • 10 ways to use mobile devices to support STEM (http://mobile2011blog.posterous.com/podstemic-10-ways-to-use-mobile-devices-to-su)
    • 1. Videos
      • iTunes U: (note so much of this material has the teacher resources right there with it!)
        • Universities: University of South Florida resources
        • Beyond Campus: KQED (the quest: the physics of baseball), Khan Academy, the cassiopeia project (http://www.cassiopeiaproject.com/)
        • K-12: discovery education (beyond the textbook, planet earth), mythbusters, science house videos,
    • 2. Internet
    • 3. eBooks
      • iBooks
      • inkling (has STEM textbooks)
      • kobo
      • readinginmathclass.com
      • HippoCampus has all books online free (glencoe, printis hall, etc)
        • has an app too
      • eBooks: iTunes, ePubBud, cK12.org
      • http://dotepub.com/ turns the webpage into an ebook you can put on bookshelf
    • 4. Apps
      • Calculator: PI 83 (99cents)
      • Algebra: Algebra Prep by Pearson (show me option – like having a tutor) , Numberline
      • Science: NASA (with accelerometer!), google earth
      • Productivity: dragon dictation, bump, mover+ (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mover/id320907954?mt=8)
        • Mover+ is the quickest way to move stuff from iPhone A to iPhone B, with style. Put what you want to send on the Mover table, connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and flick it offscreen where you want it to go!
      • Wolfram Alpha and Wolfram Alpha Algebra
        • stop saying google it, say wolfram it!
      • McGraw Hill
      • Track time, money, and fractions
      • The elements (expensive)
      • Vernier Video Physics
      • Built In Camera
      • blog.mrmeyer.com: you should have a camera in every math class!
      • RulerPhone
        • will measure things with your phone
      • iLiveMathSpeed
        • students see video, read a book, and assessment
        • cross-curriculur
      • Project Noah
      • BrainPop
      • Scitunes
    • 5. Make your own apps without coding:
      • Dashcode and MobilAp – see university of Cincinnati
      • Widgetbox (make your own mobile app)
      • Game Salad – cytunes
      • The virtual periodic table – made in keynote to link you to sites
      • Bubble Ball
      • Slideshows
    • 6. Video Memos to capture field notes, observtions
    • 7. Communication – facetime for career talks, skype in the classroom
      • Ustream (free)
    • 8. Creation stations for innovations – sonic pics, imovie, evernote, prezi
    • 9. Organization – class organizers
    • 10. Other
      • Bento (great for walkthrough observations)
        • works with filemaker pro
      • Proscope mobile (http://www.bodelin.com/proscopehr/proscope_mobile/) – The first wireless handheld digital microscope for iOS
      • Feedback: eClicker, poll everywhere, google docs
      • Google forms + Flubaroo – grade test for you
        • tools → script gallery → flubaroo
      • bit.ly/li6Hdc: how to use google forms in STEM classes
      • genius scan will take pic of your whiteboard and change to text
  • Augmented Reality – is it really real?

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