Posted in July 2011

Comp Sci

Worked a lot on computers today.  Did a couple hours working through Java material.  Also, have been doing reading on App Inventor in my spare time.  Came across this site today with lots of good stuff:

Weekend Musings

I received David Wolber’s App Inventor Book and skimmed over it this weekend.  It will be perfect to help me build the 2nd trimester of Introduction to Programming with Web Design.  My idea is to have the programmers be the “app inventors” and the web designers create a class “marketplace” for the apps.  We’ll see how … Continue reading

Doceri #ipad

Yesterday, I talked with Jamie about iPads and what he learned at ISTE.  He told me about Doceri. What is Doceri? (from their website) Doceri is a revolutionary iPad software suite for classrooms, conference rooms, and auditoriums – any place where you give presentations, teach, or collaborate.  In a nutshell, Doceri is the ultimate tool … Continue reading