Posted in July 2011

Opening Keynote with Dr. Eric Mazur #blc11

The tyranny of lectures! Started with 1. Think of something you are really good at — something you know you do well (and preferably something that has been important in your career). Describe that skill or quality in a few words. 2. Now describe in a couple of words how you became good at … Continue reading

Design Thinking with @ewanmcintosh #blc11

My first pre-conference at BLC. Design Thinking: Genuine Epic-Scale Problem-Based Learning from Whole-School Planning, to Supporting and Measuring by Ewan McIntosh. Learned a lot and had a ton of fun. A lot of time was spent scribbling on post-it notes, but here are the notes that I jotted down. A big part of my work this morning … Continue reading

Just Got an iPad! #ipaded

I just got an iPad!  Excited would be an understatement!!  I will have a class set next year, so I really am looking into apps that will be necessary to make everything work well next year.  My goal in looking for apps at this point would be more “productivity” apps, at least for the moment. … Continue reading

LMS – Cavas vs Haiku pt 2

Today I had a chance to touch base with the director of technology at our school.  And we talked about the Canvas and Haiku demos.  And now I see why so many schools are turning to Haiku… Haiku is really geared towards the K-12 market, whereas Canvas is targeting the University level, at the moment. … Continue reading

LMS – Canvas vs Haiku

Over the last 2 days, I heard demos from two Learning Management Systems – Canvas and Haiku.  I am in love with Canvas and have been for some time.  It is so feature rich and user-friendly.  It has a very clean look and there aren’t excessive “clicks”.  The ability to drag-and-drop within: 1. the Calendar … Continue reading

2 Cool Sites

2 cool sites that I just learned about: 1. in the chrome web store.  See “Timer Tab – Create a Custom Timer to Use Online or Offline” post on Richard Byrne’s freetech4teachers site. 2. – a visual bookmarking and sharing tool  (60in60 from ISTE: <– thanks @ipadSammy