Getting Back to Blogging!

I’ve been reminded of the importance of blogging through multiple of my favorite twitter peeps! Writing is not really my thing, so blogging isn’t my favorite thing to do. I’m a math teacher after all  – keeping words to a minimum is kind of my goal in life :)

The first month of school has absolutely flown by! I’m teaching AP Calculus again and still teaching through video lectures. My students this year are not quite as self-motivated as the class I had last year, so it’s been a bit different, but things are still working well. They enjoy talking a lot and we’ve had a lot of time for some neat discussion! So I’m still very much enjoying the flip… but tweaking as I go along. As teachers, we constantly have to do this. What works for one class never works perfectly the next year.

I want to blog more about my experiences with the class set of iPads. They are great in making my classroom greener! We have had some trouble with wireless, but they just amplified the signal in my room. This has been limiting my use of the iPads since the kids couldn’t all connect at the same time :) Hopefully I’ll have instant quizzes at the start of class beginning next week. I’m still debating using the eClicker App… So far I’ve just been using Google Forms to create the quizzes.

One thing that has been great for me is Dropbox. I have all of the iPads set up with one Dropbox account which I set up for the whole class. I put all of the class documents here for students to quickly access. This has been the easiest way I could figure since students are sharing iPads between classes and I don’t have the time for them to log out and in. Every minute counts – I only have them for 40 minutes on most days!

Food for thought: … and this is why teachers should have blogs via @gcouros (George Couros)

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