Writing with errors > a blank page!

I must admit, I often don’t blog because I’m scared. I’m a perfectionist – which is something I’m not always proud of. And I’m NOT a writer! Numbers are my strongpoint, not words! I am one of those math people that actually likes writing, though. I know it’s not my strength, but I like to think and analyze – a lot! And writing gives me an outlet for those thoughts. I like sharing my ideas on my blog because it often leads to discussion, making connections with others, and ultimately furthers my learning – and makes me feel good when other enjoy what I’ve shared :) But I hesitate to post way too often – for fear that my post will sound so much less polished than I would like… And because when I write, I often read things over and over and over again – which makes the process way too time consuming!

But this brings me to a thought – and a message I often send to my students. Jotting something on your paper is ALWAYS better than leaving a blank page. Many of my math students hesitate to start the problem because they are unsure of the answer. And I always tell them that’s how many math problems begin – you start off clueless, just jotting down the information you have. From there, you play… play with the numbers until you start to see direction in your work. The path from beginning to end isn’t always so pretty, especially as you are learning. But the only way to get anywhere is to begin putting your thoughts on paper.

So writing might not be my strongpoint. But something is always better than nothing. And thoughts are just that – there is nothing that needs to be perfect about a thought or a feeling. My goal is going to be to write something every week. Even if it’s just something short – something > nothing. And I won’t proof read more than once. So please excuse my errors, in advance ;)


A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault.  ~John Henry Newman

One thought on “Writing with errors > a blank page!

  1. One of the reasons that I like blogging is that it acts sort of like a public journal. I don’t expect all of my ideas to be brilliant or all of my posts to be razor sharp. The conversation and process is where the value is for me.

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