Students reactions to “How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries” #TED-Ed

Continuing on our project in social media, my class watched Adam Savage’s TED-Ed talk: “How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries

In this activity, we started talking about: What is Curation? I found the following video helpful in getting the conversation flowing and ideas across.

Savage’s video had some pretty high-level concepts in it – so there was lots of pausing, googling, reading, and discussion involved. It took about an hour for us to get through the video (watched twice through). The goal of this assignment was to pull in things from the web as well as ideas that we were sharing just among ourselves through twitter.

Here are a couple examples of what the students came up with:

Again, a really fun, valuable activity. The students can’t wait to watch the next video! THANK YOU, TED-ED!! We’ve got some happy students over here :)

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