Let’s Talk About Failure – My Takeaways From Regina Dugan’s #TED Talk

Regina Durgan’s TED talk has not left me since I first heard it a month ago. “Refuse to fear failure” or fail to create the amazing things you are capable of. For now, I’ll just leave you with some of my favorite quotes and thoughts (again playing with Storify here and their export to wordpress.com feature!):

  1. Some of my favorite takeaways from this truly awe-inspiring talk:
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    “When you remove the fear of failure, impossible things suddenly become possible” -Regina Dugan
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 12:47:50
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    When we let fear stand in our way, we stop doing AMAZING things. “Sure, good things happen, but amazing things stop happening” -Regina Dugan
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 12:51:39
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    “We CANNOT both fear failure AND make amazing new things” -Regina Dugan
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 13:06:52
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    “… we can change the world if we defy the impossible and we refuse to fear failure.” -Regina Dugan
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 13:16:05
  6. Remember:
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    In learning how to fly, many, many prototypes crash. “But there is no way to learn to fly like a hummingbird unless you fly” -Regina Dugan
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 13:05:13
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    “Failure is part of creating new and amazing things” -Regina Dugan
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 13:05:58
  9. Close your eyes and take a moment to answer this question:
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    “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” -Regina Dugan
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 12:48:26
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    Answering this question makes “you begin to understand how the fear of failure constrains you” -Regina Dugan
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 12:50:01
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    “Life gets interesting when we fail, because it’s a sign that we’ve surpassed ourselves.” -Clemenceau
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 12:55:24
  13. Notice this important difference:
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    “Discouraging FEAR of failure” is not the same as “encouraging failure” -Regina Dugan
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 12:52:28
  15. As a teacher, I know I’ll be thinking back to the above quote. And Regina Dugan doesn’t dismiss the fact that refusing to fear failure is an easy task by any means.
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    “Doubt & fear always creep in. We think some1 else, some1 smarter, more capable.. But there ISNT anyone else; THERES JUST YOU” -Regina Dugan
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 13:24:48
  17. My thought…
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    As a teacher, we can be that hand that says “let me help you believe” at the moment when our students reach that point of doubt and fear.
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 13:26:32
  19. In closing, if we think back to being a kid… When we fell all the time, and got right back up… When we scribbled on the walls and painted with out hands… When we played make-believe with our friends, real or imaginary…
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    As a kid, can you remember back to a time when “you believed in impossible things & you were fearless” -Regina Dugan
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 13:21:30
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    Remember being a kid, a time when u weren’t afraid of failure… “u were totally & completely in touch w your inner superhero” -Regina Dugan
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 13:18:51
  22. When you’re having a tough day, think back to that “inner superhero”:
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    “There is only time enough to iron your cape… and back to the skies for you” -Jason Harley via Regina Dugan
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 13:29:33
  24. Oh… and lastly…
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    “If you don’t already have a nerd in your life, you should get one” -Regina Dugan
    Sat, Mar 31 2012 12:46:20

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