Learning = Iterative Failure. Commenting on “Fail Better” by Kris Shaffer @krisshaffer #flipclass #edchat

I just read Kris Shaffer’s post on his blog: Fail Better. (Please read now so the rest of my post will make sense :)). This idea of supported failure is really important to me… I actually wrote a whole, long post about it but never ended up posting because it became too personal. Maybe one day. But for now, I just wanted to share this post…

…and my comment:

Great post, great reflections, and great work! Like you, I’ve also experienced students who were literally paralyzed with fear of failure (where <85% = failure). I truly believe that earning students’ trust and being a constant support allows them to push beyond their comfort zone… even if it is a more gradual process for some than others. The flipped classroom has certainly allowed me to be an observant teacher who gets to know her students as individuals. And my students pick up on that… and that’s where the relationship building process begins.

Oh, and there’s only one small point that I have to disagree with in your post: “One can’t succeed at any research project of significance without failing along the way (unless you’re really lucky). ” I’d argue that those who did not fail were the unlucky ones… We often learn more in the process of failing than we do when it comes out the right way on the first try. Because what is learning but iterative failure, right?!

-Stacey Roshan

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