Talking #Flipclass Tools // #edchat cc @MentorMob @TechSmithEDU

This week’s twitter #flipclass chat was devoted to talking about those tools we wish we had and those tools we’ve grown to rely on to make our flipped classroom possible. I thought it was a good topic for the start of the school year. It was also my hope that some people would be able to match their wish list with some tools that others have  found useful. Or that some developer would be following and help us all out! I asked that everyone use the hashtag #flipclass #iWish for tools on their wish list and #flipclass #iUse for those they rely on. That idea only worked so-so. I think it might take some practice :)

I wanted to share what we compiled in one place… to hopefully keep this conversation going… and to have something to look back at and keep thinking about.

I put together a pinterest board to start the chat with some of the tools I commonly use (those that are pinnable, at least, so I’m mainly talking tech tools on this board. Tech tools are always what people are asking about, but I hope that we actually have a discussion in the future of non-tech tools).

Eric Pitt, from MentorMob, compiled a playlist of some of the things we talked about. The list is a great resource and so is MentorMob. If you use youtube videos in your classroom, there is actually a chrome extension which makes it possible to add a video to a MentorMob playlist with just a click.

Before I close, I’ve got to say, the following tweet sums up how I feel. The most important tool for me in making my flipped classroom possible: Camtasia Studio:

David Fouch (@davidfouch)
8/20/12 8:13 PM
I wouldn’t #flipclass without @TechSmith@camtasia

You can find the archive that Brian Bennett always compiles for us here. The #iWish list and #iUse list are not quite as populated, but maybe it’ll work better in the future. And with that, please leave comments or email me directly to keep the conversation going!

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