Learning Playlists Using @MentorMob #flipclass #edchat #mathchat

I learned about MentorMob over the summer and have been playing around with their platform a bit. MentorMob allows you to create learning playlists, for free, which can be used for your class or for an individual student. These learning playlists can be a compilation of video, online content, articles, and uploaded documents. As a teacher, you add material to the playlist, and then share the link (or embed the playlist) with a student or a class.

In the math department at my school, we have been talking a lot about how our Academic Center can best be used to support students struggling in our classes. We have been discussing compiling Khan Academy/YouTube videos and problem sets available online specific to a student’s needs. I think that MentorMob might be the perfect tool for us to use to create a customized learning playlist for the student. Below is a video I put together for teachers at my school to explain how we might be able to use MentorMob. Feel free to leave thoughts in the comments.

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