Student-Created AP Calc Video Solutions & Mark-Ups Using Snagit #mathchat #flipclass #edchat

Last year, I played with the idea of student-created videos made using iPads I was able to get for my classroom. This year, I have less iPads, but we went BYOD at my school. So I really wanted a solution to student-created video solutions using their laptops. The idea was to have students first work out a problem on paper, neatly written and to then take a picture using their phones (I was excited to find out that each of my AP Calculus AB students has a smartphone or iPod). I had students download a free trial of Snagit to play around with. Here’s what we did:

  1. Student selects a problem they find challenges them and would serve as a good review for the whole class.
  2. Student solves the problem and meets with me (individually) to review/discuss the solution.
    • (We ran out of time, so this step was way too rushed ! This is a very important step if you want to use this activity to create a library of quality content. However, this does not have to be your goal. If you want to assess how students are thinking about problems and target the source of confusion, you might spend little time on this step.)
  3. Student takes a picture (using phone or iPod) of neatly written solution.
  4. Student emails picture to themselves.
  5. Student uses Snagit (image capture) to add callouts and highlight important steps to the picture of their work.
  6. Student uses Snagit (video capture) to explain their work.
  7. Student hosts video on our class YouTube channel directly from Snagit
  8. I create a playlist of students’ videos and embed on the class webpage to keep things easily organized and accessible by the entire class.

Here’s one example:

I really enjoyed using Snagit for this activity. Adding in callouts required students to think carefully about what steps should be highlighted. Additionally, the videos seemed more effective because, when viewing, your eye is immediately drawn to those highlights. Much how I really enjoy using callouts in the videos I create using Camtasia Studio. I hope that we are able to do this activity again before students’ trials run out. The ability for them to upload directly to YouTube also saved me a lot of time!

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