ACT Math Test Prep on @Sophia #edchat #mathchat #flipclass

I had the opportunity to work with Sophia in the beginning stages of some of the free ACT prep resources they are developing for High School students. In working on the ACT Math Test Prep resources, the goal we had was to create some very basic tutorials to familiarize test takers with the format of the test and give them a quick glimpse at topics and question types they might see on each of the sections. From their website:

Our ACT Math Test Prep gives you the tools, skills and confidence you need to do well, including full-length practice tests, answer keys, in-depth yet easy-to-grasp tutorials and smart test taking strategies.

My role was to create the video tutorials. A total of 8 tutorials are currently up, as follows:

It is our hope that these tutorials are helpful for students and for teachers who are new to the format of the ACT. Please enjoy and share!

3 thoughts on “ACT Math Test Prep on @Sophia #edchat #mathchat #flipclass

  1. Hey, this is a really interesting post. I am fascinated by the differences in.curriculum from country to country and this has been a good place to see what happens in the Us. I have a couple if questions if you.don’t mind answering them: Is the ACT test a college entrance test? Is it instead of, or as well as the SAT? Are these the only leaving tests your students sit? Do all students sit the same ones? What age do they sit them? And is it a national thing or does it differ by state/region?

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