Yong Zhao (@YongZhaoUO): Keynote #1 @ #BLC13

Yong Zhao (@YongZhaoUO): Keynote #1 @ #BLC13

  1. Yong Zhao sketchnotes part 1 #BLC13 pic.twitter.com/lNaihV1UMX
  2. MT @eSN_Dennis @c_durley #edtech‘s like a GPS: unless u know where u want to go, tech does no good #BLC13 @YongZhaoUO pic.twitter.com/pceNyX2sFC
  3. How can we be prepping kids to be college / career ready when we don’t know what jobs will exist in 20 years? ~@YongZhaoUO #BLC13
  4. Formal education is a bet/gamble. We will put our money on certain skills and hope they pay off in the future. #blc13
  5. “We’re placing a bet: these skills and talents will be important.” Dr Yong Zhao re Common Core #blc13
  6. Certain talents carry different values at different times.
    Different economies and different times require different talents. #blc13
  7. “We are born creative and curious. We can either suppress or enhance this.” ~@YongZhaoUO #BLC13
  8. “I love creativity, but not in my classroom.” “Creativity can be the source of problems” ~@YongZhaoUO #BLC13
  9. Schools disregard individual differences and crush creativity. Creativity creates disruption. @YongZhaoUO #BLC13
  10. Yong Zhao: “in schools we r still discouraging creativity -in fact, we weed it out up thru the grades #blc13 pic.twitter.com/sAEprr5fcI
  11. “Our creativity returns after retirement” ~@YongZhaoUO Hmmmm… #BLC13
  12. Maybe we should think of our students as one big wine sampler rather than a case of homogenized milk #blc13 #keynotereflections
  13. Routine jobs have been outsourced or automated. Why does education still reflect prep for these jobs? @YongZhaoOU #blc13
  14. US has bi-polar growth & education has failed to produce the new middle class (used to be the ‘creative’ class) -@yongzhaoUO #blc13
  15. Yong Zhao at #BLC13: when routine jobs can be outsourced or automated, it’s creativity that will create a new middle class
  16. Age of Necessity vs Age of Abundance: perspective to keep in mind. What values & skills are prioritized at different times? #blc13 #edchat
  17. Employee vs entrepreneurs. Employees are looking to follow directions. Those who want to be managed are becoming less employable. #BLC13
  18. Not all edu=good. Meds list side effects #eduwarning: This may improve standardized test scores, but lead u to hate learning forever #BLC13
  19. I’m struck by tension btw “finding answers fast” and “creative thinking/asking Qs”. @JohnCleese says “creativity requires time.” #blc13
  20. Yong Zhao sketchnotes pt. 2 #BLC13 pic.twitter.com/rgRhHedQeO
  21. “You cannot benchmark to the future, you can only benchmark to the best of the past.” -Yong Zhao #blc13
  22. Zhao: recommends this book amzn.to/1dURqGN ‘Surpassing Shanghai’ by Marc S Tucker #blc13
  23. My poetry notes from@YongZhaoUO #blc13 pic.twitter.com/sd2TBDqttx
  24. Great illustration of Confidence! How do we build confidence in students? #blc13 #edchat pic.twitter.com/nP8DagfnGo
  25. Dr. Zhao “Entrepreneurs do not ask “What do you want me to do?” Students in school ask “What do you want me to do.” #blc13
  26. More standardized testing -> less willingness to take risks & learn through failure. Stdrdized testing kills creativity & confidence. #BLC13
  27. Shift mindset: student as producer vs student as consumer. #BLC13
  28. Yong Zhao sketchnotes 3/3 revised #BLC13 pic.twitter.com/SYBWdL2ijg

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