Social Networked Learners, Educational Leadership, & #AugmentedReality @ #RSCON4 #edchat

The Reform Symposium Conference (RSCON), is a free, online global event highlighting “wow” moments in teaching and learning. The 4th annual RSCON (#RSCON4) took place this past weekend, and I’ve highlighted some notes from 3 sessions I attended below. I was amazed at how many amazing sessions they had going on! What an opportunity for a weekend of non-stop learning, without any travel cost! If you missed out, you can find the recorded sessions here, and be sure to join The Future of Education network for future updates.

Educators as Social Networked Learners with @JackieGerstein

Transforming Education with #AugmentedReality @TechNinjaTodd @Techbradwaid @TechMinock 

Educational Leadership: Creating the Conditions for Passion & Innovation with @ChrisWejr

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