Expressing Gratitude! A True #flipclass Success

This is a guest post from a student who I’ve “taught”, but never met! Damon is a freshman at the University of South Carolina (Columbia Campus) majoring in mechanical engineering who has been using my AP Calculus videos to help him succeed in his college Calculus course.

In November, I got a thank you letter from Damon, thanking me for making my videos freely available.

“…I always resort to your videos when the help is needed! Thank you again, and keep up the great work! You’re making learning a significant better experience. Thanks!”

 As if that wasn’t enough, Damon followed up at the end of the semester:

“Hi Ms. Roshan, it’s the University of South Carolina kid again, and I just want to express my gratitude for all of your help. Never knew that (indirect) help would play such a big role in succeeding in one of my classes. You’re awesome and keep up the great usage of technology to enhance student’s minds. I even told other students on campus about your videos, and they have found everything beneficial. Innovation is amazing! Thank you Ms. Roshan.” 

And then he asked:

“Is there like a survey or anything you have that I can complete to recommend more usage of this concept that you are using. And obviously, to tell how positive it is.”

 So I asked Damon if he wouldn’t mind me sharing his experience with all of you, on my blog!

“I’m Damon and I’m a current student at the University of South Carolina (Columbia Campus) majoring in mechanical engineering. I was totally oblivious to the idea of “flipped concept,” but once I found Ms. Roshan’s videos, I was amazed at how this technology-education innovation could be so beneficial. It is truly effective, and I wish my teachers in high school could’ve used this concept. Since I’m not a student of Ms. Roshan, her videos are indirectly teaching me and they have so far been an excellent contribution to my learning and understanding of Calculus. One could only imagine how effective her “true” students are learning when they have the videos and then come back to see her in person for questions. Ms. Roshan is really exploiting the true qualities of technology and learning with the “flipped” way of education. I personally think that a teacher getting in front of the class and lecturing his or her students can be boring and exhausting at times, so change couldn’t be a bad thing. In the mathematics department, I think the flipped concept is beneficial to any and every student and Ms. Roshan has proven it already.”

 Incredible, isn’t it???

One thought on “Expressing Gratitude! A True #flipclass Success

  1. Awesome, so great to hear! This is the true power of the internet and your success story should encourage other teachers to publicly post their video lessons. Good for Damon to look for additional help when was challenged by calculus. He is a model for all of our students to search out alternative resources to learn when they are struggling. Congratulations on your #eduwin!

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