My #edcampHOME Experience!

Just wrapped up edcampHOME 2.0 – and let me say, it was truly an exhilarating experience. I’m still in awe of all the amazing behind-the-scenes organization and automatization of setup! @coachk mentioned that she’d be sharing a detailed post about the setup soon, so I’ll look forward to that. If you weren’t able to attend and want to see the archived sessions, they can be found here

First session: Student Run Edcamps

  • Some resources can be found here
  • Scott Bedley (@TASFair) started things off by talking about how he used the edcamp model w his 5th grade students. Here’s a video on some of his reflections (scroll to around 8mins)
  • Idea: use #edcamp model for end of the year review. Use twitter or todays meet as a backchannel
    • I appreciated this thought because I’ve often struggled to figure out how to find the time for such an informal, unstructure discussion
  • Idea: have students sign up for sessions ahead of time to help keep things organized
  • We also chatted a little about genius time / 20% time / etc

Second session: Google Scripts

  • We talked about: gclassfolders, doctopus, goobric, flubaroo, autocrat
  • One of my questions that remains, particularly for those of us using an LMS (with quizzing, a dropbox, gradebook, etc built in) and small class sizes: which of these scripts really would save me time? I enjoy playing with scripts because it’s fun for me, but the setup can be difficult and frustrating at times, so I hesitate to “promote” the use to other teachers at my school. 
  • #edcampHOME was running using formRat (experimental), formMule, and formRanger


  1. #edcampHOME SLAM: @mrmacraild sharing Lucid Press  Allows you to add in formatting that GDocs lacks, in Chrome store
  2. #edcampHOME SLAM: @mrPiercey showing off Snagit Chrome extension: … <- been loving this one too!
  3. #edcampHOME SLAM: @danmcdowell showing off Maps Engine Lite. Bring in a spreadsheet of data & visualize it on a map <- this was COOL!

  4. #edcampHOME SLAM: @Mamarobertson4 showing off prism by UVA Scholars Lab  <- great tool for english teachers
  5. #edcampHOME SLAM: @ipadSammy showing off LiveSlide from @AtlasLearning

And that’s a wrap! What an awesome opportunity to share/learn without boundaries… all from the comfort of home! I’ll be sharing the experience with my students. What better way to model the love of learning that we were able to experience today with #edcampHOME?


2 thoughts on “My #edcampHOME Experience!

  1. There were too many great sessions! My wheels are turning to how we can implement some of the great systems they used for edcampHome at edcamp MetroDC!

    I’m looking forward to watching the videos for the sessions you attended. I’m watching the genius hour video now and am getting a lot out of it.

    I also wish I attended the Google scripts – We’ve recently implemented Gclass folders in our High School, and so far teacher results have been positive. I’ve managed most of the implementation on a site level, which I think is the only way we could get it to work for teachers. I’ve also been pushing doctopus and goobric with a few teacher as well. I think those two systems can be used really well with standards based grading, and while it can be a bit quirky (with a bit of a learning curve) I think it’s great! When introducing glcass folders, a lot of teachers were curious how this system differed from Schoology (we use it as a school-wide LMS). There was some confusion as to what should be put on schoology vs. what should be pushed to students through Google Drive. We’ve still got some logistics to figure out!

    • Our google scripts session was more just chatting through things. I’ll have to check out the video of the first session to see what they shared. I look forward to chatting with you at edcampMetroDC about how things are going with you setting up the scripts for teachers.

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