3 Wonderfully Awesome @Desmos Activities by @fawnpnguyen @ddmeyer @Trianglemancsd #mathchat #edchat

Desmos has teamed up with Dan Meyers, Fawn Nguyen,  and Christopher Danielson to create some really wonderful activities. If you haven’t already seen them, you should check it out! I’ve included the 3 projects that have been created so far below, along with blog posts talking about the activities. The other awesome part about all of these is the teacher dashboard, which updates students’ submissions (including their graph sketches) in realtime. I tried to give a couple brief sentences talking about the activity, but you should really just click the link and take a look for yourself!

Pennies Activity
Activity: https://class.desmos.com/pennies
Blog Post: http://blog.mrmeyer.com/2013/makeover-penny-circle/
Students collect data that each person will use to estimate the answer to a problem involving circles, pennies, and carpets. Then you’ll get to see who came closest by fitting a model to your data.

Carnival Activity
Activity: https://class.desmos.com/carnival
Blog Post: http://blog.desmos.com/post/74745817070/carnival
Students watch an animation and then are asked to draw what is happening over time (position-time graph). They also are asked to analyze incorrect responses.

Des-man Activity
Activity: https://class.desmos.com/desman
Blog Post: http://blog.desmos.com/post/62158789621/des-man-a-desmos-labs-project
Students draw a face using lines & parabolas. This is a  good way to introduce how to use the Desmos grapher (or for you to learn to use Desmos if you haven’t already) and also to explore domain and range.

As a teacher, in addition to having fully developed activities that students can work through, you’ll be able to view all student responses in a neat dashboard. (In the below screenshot, the image is of the position-time graph I submitted and then there was a prompt I was supposed to answer)

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 5.28.48 PM

This might be a fun activity for the Friday before break. If anybody has a chance to play in class, please share!

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