Reflect, Plan, Move Forward -David Ghoogasian #AIMS Teachers Retreat Closing Keynote

AIMS Teachers Retreat 2014
Closing Keynote – Session Notes

Began by talking about the importance of reflection post-conference! <- that’s why I love blogging right after every conference

You all matter. Each person matters! Never treat people as a commodity. Each person needs, and deserves, to feel important.

Think more carefully about how to embrace student failure
How to encourage the growth mindset?
Are we celebrating mistakes? A mistake is a *fascinating* way to learn

(personal reflection) Some personal goals:
Be more thoughtful about corrections – red does not simply mean mistakes, ‘force’ / guide students in the process of doing better than their idea of ‘personal best’
Incorporate the idea of conferencing for going over corrections with each student

Slow down! We are constantly pushing and accelerating students. Pause / reflect WITH the kids. We keep adding to curriculum, schedule, etc… But we never take away.

Change happens from within! We are constantly looking externally for change.

(personal reflection) How do we: shift focus from grades to hard work — and stress that the end result is not the most important part?
Personal reminder: focus on process versus end result

I Love Lucy – Chocolate Assembly Line – What is wrong with this learning environment?
stress was way too high
they didn’t admit that they couldn’t keep up with the task
tried to cheat instead of asking for help
no opportunity to learn techniques, they are just put in front of the belt and told that they would be fired if they weren’t successful
they were only being judged on end result and there was no monitoring along the way for instruction

We have an obsession with getting through things quickly! And we lose our sense of ‘humanness’
Multitasking does not exist!

The Do Good, Be Good Principle
You have a person who misbehaves all the time. How does the world treat this person? Negatively.
So how does the person start to behave? Negatively and poorly.
This is what we are going to do *for* and *with* this student. Not: this is what we are going to do *to* this student.
“I want to help you be the best student you can be”

(personal reflection) Plan and Move Forward – what are you going to do when you get back?
1. Rethink test corrections
Idea #1 — have student create a video response to a question they missed on test/quiz (1 answer will be video response, the rest will be written responses as I currently do)
Idea #2 — build in “interview” time to review test corrections. To get points back on corrections, I “interview” student on a certain question that they corrected and they are required to verbalize their answer to get the point back.
2. Personally – slow down, pause, and reflect! Stop multitasking – one task at a time :) <- not sure how to accomplish this one, but David said multiple times that multitasking just does *not* exist

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