Screencasting – Some of My Favorite Things #flipclass #edtech

Personally, I use Camtasia Studio (PC only) to record, edit, and produce my videos. In the editor, I can add interactive elements like quizzes, hotspots/pauses, and callout boxes. Here is an article I wrote talking about how I use embedded quizzes (also includes a video tutorial + walkthrough of analytics). (Note: Camtasia Mac does not allow for the embedded quizzes. For a full comparison: Camtasia Studio vs Camtasia Mac)

If you’re going to be making a ton of videos, I would suggest Camtasia Studio. However, if you’re only looking to make a couple, you might explore some free or less expensive options:

  • Snagit in the Google Chrome store (instructions to install and set up — free)
    • Currently, my favorite free recommendation for doing a screen recording. If you use Google Chrome, I think you’ll love this option. I have included detailed instructions for how to set things up here.
  • VideoScribe – engaging animated videos (Mac or PC — free 7 day trial)
  • Snagit (Mac or PC — free 15 day trial)
  • Screencast-o-Matic (Mac or PC — free)
  • Explain Everything (iPad), Screenchomp (iPad), Educreations (iPad),

* If you’re interested in adding in interactive features (ie: embedded quizzes), save your video to youtube!

Making the Video Interactive

  • EDpuzzle (free)
    • embed quizzes
    • crop a video
    • add your voice to a video you’ve found on youtube
    • get data of student progress and check their understanding.
  • eduCanon (free)
    • embed quizzes, discussions, web content and more
    • Here’s an article if you’d like to read more about eduCanon’s features
  • Glean Insights (free – new)
    • measure student engagement with the ability to see if/when/where students are skipping around (currently, can only be used with videos in Glean’s library)
  • zaption (30 day free trial)
    • create a tour from your own video library, or from clips on YouTube
    • add response elements throughout your tour, including multiple-choice questions, continuous polls, discussions, and more
    • publish your tour, and view users’ responses


3 thoughts on “Screencasting – Some of My Favorite Things #flipclass #edtech

  1. Thanks for the list. My school is also using Haiku LMS and I was wondering if you know how well eduCanon, EDpuzzle, Glean Insights or zaption integrate with it. It looks like they all will embed the lessons, but is one more effective than the others? Specifically, I want to import the progress data into Haiku.

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