Project Showcase #2 – Using #VideoScribe to Give Advice to the Next Generation of International Students @VideoScribetv

Part 2 of my series of posts highlighting some of the projects I have been able to get off the ground in my role as Technology Coordinator…

Emily Faber and I worked together to have our English Intensive students use VideoScribe to showcase their public speaking and presenting skills by creating a “Top 5 pieces of advice” video monologue for future international students.

Here is the video tutorial I put together with step-by-step instructions and tips for getting started with VideoScribe:

Advice to the Next Generation: VideoScribe Monologue

Student Examplars:

Introduction to Assignment

Congratulations! You have reached the final assignment of English Intensive!  It is now time to share and showcase your English and Bullis expertise.


  • Use English for personal expression by effectively synthesizing your “Top 5 Pieces of Advice” to next year’s generation by writing a 500 word script that describes each piece of advice with examples, transitions, and proper word choice and grammar.
  • Hone public speaking by dramatizing your “Top 5 Pieces of Advice” on a VideoScribe monologue with appropriate tone, volume, pronunciation and effective presentation techniques.


This assignment asks you think of your Top 5 Pieces of Advice that you’d like to impart on the next generation of international students.

  1. Choose a template:
    1. Top 5 Pieces of Advice (Example: Try an art class because you never know what hidden talent you have!)
    2. Top 5 Things I Wish I Knew Then that I Know Now (Example: Some students take sports as seriously, if not more seriously, than academics.)
  2. Write your script, turning each piece of advice or then vs. now statement into its own paragraph with an explanation and example (5 total paragraphs/500 words).
  3. Layout your VideoScribe with the appropriate text and images.
  4. Set appropriate zooms and timing for your VideoScribe animation.
  5. Practice your voice-over that you are going to add.
  6. Use your phone to record your voice-over (you should press the play button on VideoScribe to time your voice-over to match the timing of your presentation’s animation).
  7. Upload your voice-over to your VideoScribe presentation.
  8. Share your completed presentation to your Bullis Youtube channel.


What worked well with this project?

  • Adding text and images enhanced the viewer’s experience and engagement, therefore strengthening the effectiveness of the students’ advice
  • Using VideoScribe challenged the students to condense their message to a few key points to be used as visually attractive text
  • Using voiceover and music enhanced the storytelling aspect of the project

What would be done differently in the future?

  • Have more classtime for students to do their voiceover – to play with timing and organization
  • Require a “draft” due date for the VideoScirbe portion of the project to work out voiceover kinks and zooming
  • Add in a peer review element

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