Make, Share, Win! Give Away Contest for using @VideoScribetv to Create Something Great! #BLC14 #edchat

You may have seen several of my blog posts in the past year talking about VideoScribe! I’m really interested in the potential uses of VideoScribe in the classroom – both for use by the teacher and by students. I’ve shared several of my projects (which I’ll highlight again below), but I’m interested in seeing what others can create. VideoScribe is not free, and so I’m excited that their team has generously provided some 6 month EDU licenses for me to share with interested teachers.

So if you’re interest:

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 11.29.32 PM

To share completed scribes, you can tweet at me or email me directly. You do have to be willing to make your project public and sharable, because that’s kind of my purpose behind this give away — to share and inspire more ideas!!

To see what I’ve done using VideoScribe:

– A Welcome to the Flipped Classroom, by me

– Tips for Successfully Navigating the Flipped Classroom, by my Students 

– Giving Advice to the Next Generation of International Students

I also put together a quick Getting Started with VideoScribe tutorial to cover what I think of as the basics:

For more detailed tutorials, VideoScribe has some wonderful tutorials + worksheets available to help.

Hope to see some great projects soon!

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