Developing the Next Generation of Innovators & Leaders w @dianetavenner @SummitPS #iNACOL14

Sessions notes… these are a bit rough but hopefully some good food for thought for those of you reading —

Brief into to Summit Schools:

  • 7 charter schools in the SF Bay area, and growing
  • Reimagined HS model; take the best practices that we see out there and apply them to our schools
  • Initial Goals:
    • small class size
    • cohort model where students have a mentor that carries with them over 4 years
    • goal: 100% students go on to college (reality: 96%)
    • diverse demographics

Key hallmarks of success:

  • Set teachers up for success from the start
  • Each teacher teaches only 100 students and 1 prep
  • Each teacher has a close mentor
  • 40 days of PD per year
  • 2 hours of prep every day
  • Teachers were mentors for students and got to know them deeply

What can we do to set our students up for success?
Note: College acceptance ≠ college readiness

We don’t have a crisp, clear guideline for students in K-12. There is no set ticket saying I do x,y,z in school, get my degree, and then I will be successful in middle class for the rest of your life.

If the world is rapidly changing, how do we equip our students with the tools necessary to be successful?

It’s not just ensuring that our students don’t fall behind (state standards, test scores), but how can we prepare them to push forward?

4 working principles re: nextgen learners –

  1. 1. learning environments foster community that is deeply engaged in feedback
    (social-emotional, problem solving, navigating a rich environment)
  2. student-centered and student-driven
  3. students are able to connect their long-term goals, interests, and passions to what they do on a daily basis
    (students feel empowered to develop & change their own trajectory)
  4. they are deeper learning environments; real, authentic learning; inherently curious spaces

“Every moment of every day is an opportunity to give feedback”
need to coach teachers to be able to provide AND receive this feedback (& teach students to receive feedback)

Platform built for students at Summit Schools with personalized learning plan dashboard:
Example of how this can be used:

  • Students receives feedback from teacher that they need to work on their thesis statement
  • In their student-dashboard (also visible to teachers) they might set goal to work on this area; action item: attend workshop that Mr. X is giving tomorrow: meet with Mr. Y to improve skill a
  • Teachers then also get to see what students priorities are and mentor as needed; student has defined goals and action items to act on

Some tweets storified here.

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