A @Buncee Timeline Project in @BullisSchool US History Classes #edtechchat #edtech #edchat

I never featured this blog post that I wrote up with my US History teacher for our school’s Technology Blog:

US History teacher dilemma: In a thematic history class where you study American history by themes (politics, immigration, rebellion, warfare, welfare, discrimination) rather than chronologically, how can students keep track of the important events in American history?

Solution: A Buncee Timeline! This combines a powerful wall visual with an innovative, interactive online tool.


The goal of this yearlong project is for students to identify the important events, people and places in each unit of study and document their significance. Two US history teachers and I collaborated to find a creative solution. We first turned to technology, looking at interactive, online timelining tools. However, we decided an in-class visual was critical so that we could easily reference it during classroom lessons. Another top priority was to be able to highlight the themes with color, pictures, and student voices. Ultimately we determined that a poster-type display would best meet our needs.

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