Closing Out Our 2015 AIMS Teachers Retreat w a #Smackdown & Reflections #AIMSTeach

We had an awesome 2015 AIMS Teachers Retreat. To close, we did a smackdown and then time for reflection.

Link to storify of #AIMSTeach #Smackdown

To reflect and wrap-up, we did a Monday/Someday activity and then shared out in groups. One goal that I’d like to get started on immediately is learning more about mindfulness related test-taking techniques. I find that a lot of my students struggle with anxiety during tests. I have a set of strategies in my toolbox to help my students feel more confident and calm going into an assessment, but I don’t have a ton of strategies to help my students relieve the panic that can set in when taking a test. My goal is to read up this summer and work more mindfulness into my world. Any suggestions for things to read, places to look, send them along :)

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