Using #VideoScribe to Give Advice to the Next Generation of International Students @BullisSchool #edtech @VideoScribetv

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that last year, around this time, I posted about a project that I did with our English Intensive teacher. We used VideoScribe to help students showcase their public speaking and presenting skills by creating a “Top 5 Pieces of Advice” video monologue for future international students.

We did this activity again this year and I wanted to highlight some excellent projects!


  • Use English for personal expression by effectively synthesizing your “Top 5 Pieces of Advice” to next year’s generation by writing a 500 word script that describes each piece of advice with examples, transitions, and proper word choice and grammar.
  • Hone public speaking by dramatizing your “Top 5 Pieces of Advice” on a VideoScribe monologue with appropriate tone, volume, pronunciation and effective presentation techniques.

I thought this project was really well organized and the voiceover was very clear

I thought this project did an excellent job using visuals to highlight the talking points in the voiceover

The ending of this project totally stole my heart!


If you’re interested in VideoScribe and have never used it before, check out this getting started tutorial I put together:

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